Meeting Location: Highland Latin School @ 10901 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY 40243 Worship TImes 10:30 a.m.



What should you expect on your first visit to New City Church?  You will discover a community of Christians who are committed to worshiping God, loving people, and serving in the city.  Upon arrival our 1st Impressions Team will be ready to guide through the facility and answer your questions.

adults 1Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re looking for a formal, well-dressed, and intimidating group of people to worship with, New City Church is probably not the best place for you.   However, if you’re looking for a church where you will be greeted warmly and where you can be yourself then perhaps you’ve found just the place.

We are a community of people from all walks of life who believe in the transforming love of God in Jesus Christ.  This means that you don’t have to dress a certain way or meet a certain “standard” before you participate in worship at New City Church.

What Do I Wear?

We don’t have a “dress code,” so don’t feel like you need to put on your “Sunday Best.”  Really, throw on some jeans and some tennis shoes and come and worship with us.  If you’re not sure about this, you’re welcome to put on that three-piece suit and tie if you want.  Either way works with us!

When Do I Come?

Yes, we have a schedule that suggests that we begin Bible Study at 9:30 and Worship at 10:30.  Feel free to come when you can and go when you must.  Services typically last one-hour and consist of 15-20 minutes of praise and celebration led by our worship leader and 30-40 minutes of teaching time from God’s Word.

What About My Kids?

For babies, we have a nursery located near our worship area if that’s what you’d prefer.  Babies, however, are more than welcome in our worship service.  If you have pre-schoolers, we have a great children’s ministry led by a great team of teachers each week!  The way it works is that we keep all kids in our worship service until our teaching/preaching time before which we dismiss them.  As a precaution, all of our childcare workers have been screened and have completed a background check.

If you have additional questions check out our Connections page.