Meeting Location: Highland Latin School @ 10901 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY 40243 Worship TImes 10:30 a.m.


This section of our website is designed with 3 types of people in mind.  First, if you are a seeker who has questions about God, the Bible, or New City Church then check out our “Seekers” page. questions god faith_std_t_nv

Second, those of you who are skeptical about the Christian faith, we have a page that will provide arguments and evidence for the existence of God, the validity of the Bible, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  If this is you, check out our “Skeptics” page.

Finally, if you already consider yourself a Christian and just have questions about what to expect at New City Church (click here) or if you interested in knowing more about church planting (click here).