Meeting Location: Highland Latin School @ 10901 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY 40243 Worship TImes 10:30 a.m.

Our Vision


Mission of New City Church_t

Misconceptions about what success is in the local church:
1. Success is a big budget. (NO)
2. Success is a large and fancy facility. (NO)
3. Success is a large crowd on Sundays. (NO)
4. Success is fame or popularity. (NO)
5. Success is comfort and familiarity. (NO)
6. Success is tied to a location. (NO)
How we define success:
A spiritually healthy church that is equipping and sending its members to effectively engage unbelievers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Vision: A spiritually healthy church that is equipping and sending believers to effectively engage unbelievers in Louisville, across the Commonwealth of Kentucky, throughout North America, and around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Dream: That New City Church would be an ethnically diverse church that reaches across social, economic, and ethnic barriers to plant gospel-centered churches.  Additionally, that New City Church would partner with other churches and gospel-centered organizations to plant new churches and revitalize existing churches.

Planting a healthy church:

  1. Godly Leaders who have a
  2. Compelling Vision will
  3. Attract and equip other Competent Leaders who will
  4. Launch and develop Effective Ministries that
  5. Promote Church Vitality (Health) which
  6. Expands the pool of Creative Resources that are used to fulfill the mission of the Church!

Staying Focused:

1. Multiplying Leaders
2. Limiting Ministries and Missions to a Laser Focus
3. Increasing Meaningful Fellowship
4. Strengthening Community Groups

  • Interactive Bible Study
  • Intimate Fellowship
  • Intentional Ministry
  • Intercessory Prayer